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Law is nothing but a common sense but the codification of the ‘the common sense’ makes it technical & difficult to understand for a common man. If we are able to open its outer layer, then there is no difficulty to understand the law. ACLME will do that process of opening up that technical layer of law, to make it easy to understand by everyone, whether a person associated with legal field or by a common and ordinary man.

Delhi Rent Control Act
The Rent Control Act, is applicable only for the tenanted built-up premises having rent upto Rs.3500/- p.m. beyond which the landlord has no remedy u/DRCA. As per the Act, there are only 13 grounds and none-else available to the landlords for the termination of tenancy.
POCSO Act and the Prevention of Child Marriage Act

The marriage with a girl of less than 18 years is illegal and the person who go for it, will be liable for the offences punishable upto life imprisonment, because the consent of the girl below the age of 18 years would be of no consequence.

Indian Succession Law

A person who self acquires the property with his own funds would not be liable to divest it as an ancestral property and that person can give it to anyone of his choice by way of testament i.e. a Will. Whereas a man who gets an ancestral property he cannot give it to anyone of his choice, it will only go to his decedents. However, a woman, even if, she acquires the ancestral property gets that property as her absolute property and can give or bequeath to a person of her own choice.

Limitation Act

A person can recover his amount given as loan to anyone only within 3 years from the date it was given, but if he acknowledges such loan prior to 3 years, then he gets another period of 3 years from the date of such acknowledgement for recovery of such amount.

Arbitration Act

Most of the contracts we sign usually in our day to day routtine, including the contracts of Hire-Purchase for Car, Mobile, TV, etc., the first party i.e. finance company inserts an Arbitration Clause and we cannot approach the court directly for any such problem arises out of such contract because Arbitration Clause binds all of us to approach only the Arbitrator and not the Court. Even the place of arbitration would be predetermined in that contract.

Crime Against Women (IPC)
A daughter-in-law, or legally wedded wife of a son, can seek redressal of her complaint from Crime Women Cell against any kind of harassment, whether it is related to dowry or not but her husband or members of his family named in the complaint will have a proper opportunity of hearing before CAW Cell and shall also get a time for settlement and only on failure of the same, the registration of the FIR would be recommended only in appropriate cases and not in all. And in case of senior citizens or senior relatives of the husband, the arrest is not mandatory and it can be made only after permission of the DCP concerned
Criminal Procedure Code (Cr.P.C.) - FIR
First Information regarding commission of any offence given to the police would not be an FIR but it is a Daily Diary (DD) Entry on which an Officer of the police would be deputed for inquiry and only on the complaint or statement of complainant, when endorsed by such enquiry officer, an FIR would be directed to be registered for appropriate offences as disclosed in such complaint / statement. Every person named therein is entitled for such copy of FIR. Nowadays, the copy of FIR can be downloaded from the website of police
Anticipatory Bail
If anyone has a reasonable apprehensive of arrest, he can approach the court of law, for an anticipatory bail and can seek protection against his arrest, during the course of investigation, however he can be directed to join the investigation without arrest. Also, as per the settled law, the arrest in cases for the offences punishable for less than 7 years of imprisonment, is not required, except in few cases where the arrest would be compulsory for custodial interrogation in given facts and circumstances. The Chargesheet can be filed even without arrest of the accused.