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Remedial Courses
Remedial Courses
REGISTRATION BOX WOULD OPEN FOR ADMISSION:             1st of September, 2022

CLASSES WILL COMMENCE FROM:                                          1st of October, 2022

(Subject To Registration Of At Least 8 Students For Each Subject)

Course Content Classes (Syllabus)
Judgment/Order Writing (English: Expressions)
All-round personality development (Viva-Voce)
10 Months
08 Months
05 Weeks
03 Weeks

Duration of Classes:

5 Classes a month for one subject
(1 Class for 1 hour in a week for one subject)
Timings: 01:00 PM to 03:00 PM
(2 Classes a day for 2 Subjects, each subject for 1 hour)

Duration of The Course:

3 Months

Language of Teaching:

English / Hindi

Material Of The Course:

In addition to the material of the courses, Archana’s Capsules to Law Made Easy, (ACLME on Website ) would be available free of cost for the Candidates for their subject concerned.

Demo Classes:

Address: 10, Indra Vihar Colony Near BBM Bus Depo, (Near Mukherjee Nagar), Delhi -110009
* The Candidates who would opt for the five subjects of the semester shall be given 20% concession of the total amount to be paid.
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