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Some glimpses of such problem.

Law believes on maxim ‘ubi jus ibi remedium’ meaning thereby where there is a ‘cause’ (problem, right), there exists a ‘solution’.We all come across one or the other legal problem, in our day to day life and we do not know as to how to resolve such problem or that the problem is not even mature enough to approach any legal entity.‘ Ask Archana’ is an ‘App’ that would help anyone to understand and get an immediate solution of any such problem within 24 hours.

No, you are the victim and the complainant and only a witness of such incident. You are not required a lawyer to assist as in a state case where an FIR has been registered on your complaint, the state has provided a state lawyer in the form of prosecutor to provide you the legal assistance in the court. You simply appear in the court, memorise your complaint or the case or the incident you reported. Only your statement/testimony would be recorded, with the assistance of such prosecutor.
You are a victim/complainant for the ‘theft’ case. You are required to ‘identify’ your stolen item by the Court. You need to go to Court to identify. After identification of such ‘gold chain’, you can move an application for getting a ‘Supurdagi’ (custody) of your chain and you will get it from the Court.